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At Kinamon we take Kashrut seriously and want to provide you, your guests, and your family food that is to the highest standards of Kashrut. To this end, we have engaged the OU Israel as our certifying body, along with the Rabbanut of Jerusalem’s Mehadrin division under a category called Mehuderet.


Pictured below are our two teudot. For questions about kashrut, please feel free to email and we would be happy to discuss. Here is a booklet outlining the OU standards


All ingredients, both raw and prepared, are either Mehadrin or OU certified. 



For meats and chickens we use any of the following: Mahpoud, Auerbach, Ruben, Eidah Haredit, Shairit,  Landau, or the OU. We can accommodate special requests with sufficient advance notice.



For greens we use gush katif produce and our mashgiach washes the herbs.



We only purchase Shmita l’Humra produce, Yevol Chul or Nochri.


Our facilities are meat and therefore all food produced in our kitchen is considered meat or b’hezkat besari (made in meat pots, ovens etc.).

Teudat Kashrut.jpeg
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