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Kinamon is one of the leading kosher catering services in Israel. We are an oleh-owned and operated business, and a growing company, looking to add people to our team. Kinamon is an exciting company to work for with great people, amazing clients, and a fun and fast-paced work environment. We are olim-friendly and are looking for team players and hard workers. For consideration please submit your CV to We look forward to meeting you! 



Operations Manager

Kinamon Catering is hiring a full-time Operations Manager.

The Operations Manager (OM) will collaborate with the Head Chef, manage the Kitchen Team, and oversee the Marketing and Administrative Manager for weekly catering, events, and operations. OM is responsible for coordinating and managing catering operations to assure quality services. OM oversees sanitation and safety standards as well as adherence to kashrut and related certification standards, including interfacing with the Rabbanut, OU and kashrut representatives and health professionals as needed. OM is responsible for hosting meetings on a regular basis with the Kitchen Team to discuss orders and issues, and will be in communication with Marketing and Administrative Manager in creation and execution of special projects. OM is the primary point of contact with venues, vendors, and party planners. OM should have experience in kosher food service, marketing, business development, sales and financial planning/budgeting. Must be fluent in English and Hebrew. Laptop and smartphone are required, vehicle preferred. 

Shabbat Waiters

Want to be a part of our Shabbat team? Participate in family smachot all over Jerusalem. Work with customers in a pleasant manner, setup and cleanup of the event, serve food and drinks. Must be 17-75 years of age. Able to lift 10-15KG. Shomer Shabbat and knowledge of relevant Shabbat Halachot a plus. Relevant experience is a plus. English and Hebrew preferred.  225-350 per event, based on experience.

Event managers

Run an event! We need people who can manage a team of waiters to execute an event from a to z. Including knowledge of setting up event spaces, designing buffets, managing staff to execute the event to perfection. Relevant experience is a must. 35-45 shekels per hour plus tips based on experience

Weekday Event Staff 

Do you like to party? We do! Join our events team and help setup and clean up, and serve food and drinks. Must be 17-75 years of age. Able to lift 10-15KG. Knowledge of kashrut a plus. Relevant experience is a plus. English and Hebrew preferred.  30-35 shekels an hour based on experience plus tips at all events.

Kitchen Workers

Are you a foodie with cooking experience? We want you to join our team! Help prepare salads and desserts with us. Washing, peeling, chopping, cutting and cooking. The kitchen workers are responsible for ensuring that food preparation areas are clean, hygienic and kosher. Cleaning the food preparation equipment, floors and other kitchen tools or areas, washing utensils and dishes and making sure they are stored appropriately. Sorting, storing and distributing ingredients, organizing linens and equipment. Disposing of waste. Relevant experience is a plus. English and Hebrew preferred. 30-40 shekels per hour based on experience

Item Packing

Help pack amazing food for Shabbat and Events! Weighting, sorting, packaging of food stuffs. No previous experience is required. Must speak Hebrew OR English. 32-35 shekels per hour


We are looking for a responsible cleaner to help with dishes, and keep the kitchen and premises tidy. Relevant experience is a plus. English OR Hebrew are required. 30-40 shekels per hour based on experience

Friday Delivery Driver

Responsible driver to make deliveries on Friday in Jerusalem and surrounding areas. Must have a valid drivers' license and be over the age of 30. English OR Hebrew are required. 40 shekels per hour to start

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